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What is Drywaller’s Knifecase?


This innovative product consists of a portable container for safe and organized storage of drywall tools and equipment. The interior base features slots that the blades of drywall knives are inserted into in order to safely store the knives handles up. The Drywaller’s Knife Case even includes a canvas skirt with storage pockets for tools and other items.

With these features and others, the Drywaller’s Knife Case can make drywall installation faster and safer. It stores all needed tools and allows them to be easily transported to and from the worksite. Better yet, it allows those tools to be easily selected and safely accessed. This unique product can help drywallers respond to growing demand, and even reduce injuries and thefts.

Please contact me or read on to learn more about the patented Drywaller’s Knife Case, which your company is invited to include in its product line under a licensing agreement.

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