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Drywaller’s Knifecase

Patented product to improve your drywalling needs

The patented Drywaller’s Knife Case provides time and cost saving convenience, as well as injury-preventing safety, to a skilled trade in need of such benefits.

  • Portable tool organizer for use in drywall installation

  • Base compartment made of ABS

  • Measuring 10” x 15” in width/length, and with sidewalls that slope from 15” to 9” in correspondence to heights of rear and front walls


  • Hollow vertical columns in rear wall for hosting of long-handled tools

  • Axle on rear-bottom, hosting wheels of 3” x 1 ½” size

  • Telescoping handle of maximum 36” extension on rear wall

  • Slots of ⅜” depth spaced ½” apart on interior flooring of compartment, for insertion of the blades of drywall knives

  • Flap for application over top plane of compartment

  • Skirt of canvas material, for application about exterior sidewalls of base tool organizer

  • Storage pockets featured about exterior plane of skirt

  • 2 legs on front-bottom of base container, opposite the plane of the wheels


  • Stores tools and accessories used in drywall installation.

  • Stores tools and accessories in separate, individual compartments.

  • Stores bladed tools in protective slots.

  • Easily allows transport of needed tools to areas of use.

  • Makes drywall tools easier to access.

  • Keeps all needed tools nearby.

  • Ensures correct tools are quickly selected.

  • Ensures correct tools are quickly selected.

  • Eliminates common time-loss spent on sorting through and selecting from a collection of many tools used in drywall installation.

  • Makes drywall tools safer to access.

  • Eliminates risks of injuries caused by direct contact with blades

  • Eliminates costs of injuries.

  • Eliminates delays in productivity as a result of injuries.

  • Storage of drywall knives in individual slots can prevent blade damage.

  • Addresses the needs of a skilled trade that is highly subject to injury risks.

  • Keeps all tools nearby, within reach, and within eyesight.

  • Helps prevent tool loss.

  • Helps prevent tool theft.

  • Addresses established needs in tool loss/theft at construction sites.

  • Reduces replacement costs.

  • Improves rates of productivity.

  • Reduces labor costs.

  • Addresses recognized industry needs.

  • Responds to a growing demand in construction and drywall installation.

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